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hippotherapy equipment

riding therapy equipment, theraputic riding

The LittleJoe hippotherapy saddle

Our groundbreaking saddle
adapted for therapeutic riding!

LittleJoe saddles are superb for therapeutic riding and hippotherapy. In a LittleJoe, it's easy to feel the muscular movements of the horse, making it easier for the rider to follow those movements and engage the proper muscles. Close contact with the horse also improves balance and coordination, and makes the work much easier for aides walking alongside. Finally, the body warmth of the horse comes up through the saddle to the rider, aiding in relaxation and comfort.

For security, LittleJoe therapy saddles have two firm crosswise handles at the front, enabling the rider to get a good grip while not interfering with the sense of balance.

LittleJoe therapy saddles are currently in use at:

Victory Therapy Center in Flower Mound, TX

Reata Rehabilitation in Ponder, Texas

Reins of Hope in Spencer, Iowa:

Stable-Spirit in Rose City, Texas:

Buckaroo Barn in Bayminette, AL

Rising Hope Farms in Claremont, NC

Montrose Therapeutic Riding Center in Montrose, CO

Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center in Longmont, CO


Includes free
saddle blanket!

NOTE: when ordering a saddle, please specify regular or long billets. There is no charge for longer billets AT THE TIME YOU ORDER, but if you return a saddle to have the billets changed, there will be a $40.00 charge because of the labor involved.

Below: Keem wearing the royal blue therapy saddle, and a green therapy saddle laid out flat.  Note the dual handles.

   hipppotherapy equipment: the LittleJoe bareback saddle for riding therapy


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